Exercise for Life is a brand new program for Transplant Australia in 2015!

It is important for all Australians to remain fit and physically active, but it is particularly crucial for transplant recipients. And this means transplant kids too!

We have teamed up with the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne and Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney to work together to provide a platform for sport, physical activity, nutritional information and education.

This program is all about reintroducing kids to sport and exercise after transplantation. The program incorporates education on the benefits of physical activity and living a healthy lifestyle, while providing a fun and supportive environment to try new sports and meet new friends.

The program will give kids a chance to get involved in physical activity that is designed for their level of ability, offering a range of activities and introducing transplant kids to all the possibilities post transplantation. Alongside this, the Exercise for Life program will provide transplant kids and their families with a support network and community, with each child being assigned a inspiring mentor to help them along the way when they need it.

And the greatest part about the program?! It is fun! This offers kids a fun way to meet new friends and share their experiences with other kids who have had transplants.

Like the sound of this program? Register your child’s interest now! We are also looking for healthcare and sports industry professionals willing to volunteer their time and expertise on this project. If you are interested in changing the life of a transplant child get in touch with us now.

Stay tuned for more information on this  program!


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