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To provide leading edge education and support to living kidney donors and recipients.


To reduce the suffering and improve the quality of life from long term kidney disease through education, advocacy, research and support throughout the living kidney donor and transplantation process.



  • Organ donor education
  • Recipient education
  • Health professional education
  • Live donor support program
  • Recipient support program
  • Sharing knowledge, experiences with related organisations
  • General public awareness and education

Support Programs


  • Living kidney donor support program
  • In hospital support

Social services

  • Flowers/ chocolates
  • Out of hospital expenses
  • Overnight accommodation

Research and Fellowship Programs

  • Allied health research grants
  • Organ Transplant Research: basic science and clinical research
  • Transplant Fellowship Programs: surgical skills


  • Engagement with community to promote the benefits of and awareness of living organ donation
  • Engagement with local community
  • Engagement with wider community
  • Engagement with media and government

Funding Objectives



Forceps and needle holders $5,000 each set
Vascular clamps $7,500
Intraoperative ultrasound probes $25,000 to $45,000
Immunology tests and columns (ABOi) $40,000
Urology equipment $25,000
Education $10,000
Social services $25,000
Research grant $26,000
Research manager/fellowship $100,000 per year

Types of giving

  • Memorial gift – donation in memory of loved one
  • Honor gift – special occasion
  • General gifts
  • New concepts
  • Planned giving – through estates
  • Workplace giving