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VENUE | Northern Athletics Centre 

ADDRESS | 240 St Leonards Road, St Leonards, Tas 7250

PARKING | Some parking available

GAMES TRANSPORT | Transport will be available but will need to book when you register.


DATE | Friday 22nd April 2022

TIME | 9:00AM – 5:00pm

COST | $15

FOOD / DRINK FACILITIES | Canteen onsite


There are a number of events across track and field for athletics. Some of these are restricted to certain age groups. Please check eligibility to determine which category and event/s you meet the criteria to compete in.

  • Long jump
  • Ball throw
  • Shot-put
  • Discus
  • High jump
  • 100m
  • 200m
  • 400m
  • 800m
  • 1500m
  • 4 x 100m relay
  • 4 x 400m relay
  • Women, 3km racewalk
  • Men, 5km racewalk
  • Junior events


Sunblock, water bottle and hat. * Maximum length of spike for track events is 7mm and for field events 9mm.



To see what you can take part in, click here.

Event will be governed by International Amateur Athletics Federation rules, except as modified herein.


Recipients can participate in a maximum of five track and field events (excluding relays). In a final the medal winners are based on times. If there are multiple heats, the athlete’s progress to the final according to their HEAT times.

800m to start on the curve – no lanes.

The use of starting blocks is not required. If less than 8 entrants in a track event scheduled to have heats, the final will be held at the scheduled time of the heats.

Race-walk will be conducted using the following rules:

The athlete makes a progression of steps such that there is always contact with the ground. Complete loss of foot-to-ground contact may not occur. Bent knees are allowed. Disqualification will result when an athlete is judged to be running (both feet off the ground at the same time) in three separate instances during the course of the race. There will be time limits to complete the event.

  • Womans 3000 meter – 35 mins
  • Mens 5000 meters – 50 mins

All Race Walkers must supply their own lap counter. One lap counter may count 3 athletes.


Team managers to submit relay teams no later than 11am day of the events. Teams should be filled from one state initially and then any state short of a team member can use a spare from another state. Teams should only be filled from official entries.

Wheelchair athletesSeated shot put (Men 4kg, women 2kg); Seated ball throw; Seated discus (Men 1kg; women 750g). 3 attempts, one after the other all measured.

Cricket Ball Throw – three attempts.  Thrown one after the other. All marked and the best one measured.

Long Jump, Discus and Shot Put — four attempts. All measured. Best distance is scored.

All Supporters and Juniors have 3 attempts only.

High Jump: Starting height will be announced at the start of competition and amount the bar will be raised 5cm each time until 2 competitors are left when the bar will be raised (by whole cm) as requested.  Three consecutive failures means the athletes is out of the competition (this could be 3 consecutive misses at different heights).

Starting heights in ATG:

Men: 18-29y and 30-39y – 120cm

Men: 40-49y – 115cm

Men: 50-59y, 60-69y and 70+y – 100cm

Boys 12- 17 – 100cm

Women: 18-29y – 110cm

Women: 30-39y – 105cm

Women: 40-49y – 100cm

Women: 50-59y – 80cm

Women: 60-69y and 70+y – 60cm

Girls 12-17 -80cm

Shot-Put Weights:

  • 1kg: 6-8 Boys and Girls
  • 2kg: 9-11 Boys and Girls
  • 3 kg: Women 50 and over, Junior Female ages 12-14.
  • 3kg Men 60 and over. Junior Males 12-14.
  • 4 kg: Junior Female ages 15-17; Women under 50.
  • 5kg: Junior Male ages 15-17; Male 40-49y, 50-59y.
  • 7.26kg: Male 18-29y; 30-39y.

Discus Weights

  • 1kg all Women
  • 1kg Junior Males, Men (50+ age groups)
  • 2kg Men (18-49 age groups)