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A gift in your will can change lives.

Your kindness will make a difference. It does not matter how small the gift is.

By leaving a legacy you allow us to continue providing leading edge education and support to living kidney donors and recipients.

If you plan to leave a gift for the Living Kidney Donor Program we greatly appreciate your generosity.

You need to decide on your gift. We suggest you discuss this with those people dear to you. We believe it is important that family and loved ones should come first. You will need to notify them. Your will needs to be made or updated with what you have decided. You will also need to advise our organisation.

There are different kinds of bequests which you can leave.

A Residuary Bequest – you can leave a proportion of what is left of your estate once loved ones have been provided for. Even a small percent can make a difference.

A Pecuniary Bequest – you can leave a fixed sum of money.

Specific Bequest – you can leave a particular item which can be sold to support our work for example a piece of artwork.

Memorial Gift – Donations can also be given in memory of a loved one. Instead of sending flowers you can send an “In Memory Gift”


If you would like more information about Bequests or Planned Giving please phone 1800 827 757 or email:

Please remember to let us know if you have left a gift in your will so that we can acknowledge it and keep you up to date with the work we are doing through our newsletters.

Thank You from the team at the Living Kidney Donor Program.