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What do we do?

Aims of the Living Kidney Donor Programme

Provide accurate information in regards to all aspects of living kidney donation.

Provide practical support to those contemplating or undergoing kidney donor work up through our living kidney donor support volunteer programme.

Increase awareness of the benefits of living kidney donation to both recipient and donor.

Act as an advocate for living kidney donors.

Practical support programme

A group of living kidney donors from Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) working in conjunction with its renal transplant team to provide accurate information and support to potential kidney donors, those undergoing kidney donor work up and those who are in the post operative phase and beyond.

Insider personal knowledge can prove invaluable with any major decisions in life and hence the donor support volunteer programme has been set up by kidney donors to provide practical support and insights into their own personal experience of kidney donation.

The living kidney donor support volunteers at RNSH along with the clinical nurse consultants at the Renal Unit have set up a programme whereby patients (both potential kidney donors and recipients) can meet the volunteers on an informal basis at the Treatment Options Workshop for those with chronic kidney disease and also the Transplant workshops.