Transplant Australia Sports Committee

Transplant Australia’s Sports Committee, made up of representatives from each state and territory, contribute to the successful running of Australian Transplant games and participation of the Australian Team at the World Transplant Games.

The Committee consists of a Chairperson and Branch Representatives from each State Committee, and meets regularly to discuss The Australian Transplant Games, The World Transplant Games, and various other sporting programs run by Transplant Australia.


Organising the Australian Transplant Games in conjunction with LOC

Organising the Aussie Team to the World Transplant Games

Ensuring rules are agreed to, understood and adhered to

Working with the National Office to explore fundraising opportunities

Developing and implementing new sporting opportunities and activities

Working with States to develop Games State Uniforms

Alongside the National Office, plan for future ATG

The Committee Members

Michael Kennedy (Chair)

Margaret Hill

Bob Kirkbride

Chris Tew

Peter Wain

Jan Wall

Vicki Bellingham

Richard Hayes

Julie Moloney

Margaret Martin

Andrew Watt