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New Travel Insurance Options

By March 8, 2019No Comments

A transplant for many equals freedom they haven’t experienced in years. And for some, the travel bug starts to itch and before long you are planning your next big world trip.

Transplant Australia has worked with a number of travel insurance suppliers over the years to try to help its members achieve their travel goals. We have had some big wins, and in the process, a few complaints. It is just such a vexed area providing insurance for recipients with pre-existing conditions. However the vast majority of recipients have stable grafts and probably know their health better than most.

That’s why we continue to argue your case to be able to access affordable travel insurance that takes into account your pre-existing medical condition. Recipients accept there will undoubtedly be extra scrutiny and most likely an additional levy to make sure the pre-existing condition is covered. We just want the insurance to be affordable and reasonable and not to preclude any parts of the world.

From our research there are three travel insurance offers you should consider. We have negotiated with all three companies so they understand our membership and have put in place appropriate medical screening questions so they can accurately estimate the cost of providing you insurance.

The choice is yours.

To find out more visit our travel insurance section


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