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New User Pay System Announced for Australian Transplant Games 2016

By December 17, 2015 General News

The 2016 Australian Transplant Games in Western Sydney has officially opened for registration and we’re pleased to announce the launch of a new user-pays system.

One of the key features of the new user-pays model is the ability for participants to ‘register now, pay later’. It is a change that is expected to make the 2016 Games the most affordable yet.

The Transplant Australia Sports Committee, in conjunction with Local Organising Committee and the national office, have been working to bring about these exciting developments.

After months of reviewing different systems around the world and considering feedback received from our members, the sports committee have concluded that the ‘user-pay’ system for registration is the best way forward for the majority of our members.

It will see a 47 per cent reduction in registration fees. For example, an Adult Transplant Athlete will now pay $95 for basic registration compared to $175 at the Melbourne Games in 2014. Each competitor will then pay a small fee for the sports that they compete in.

Our modelling shows that this will reduce the overall cost of attending the games. Also it creates a fairer system because those who participate in few sports will not subsidise those who take part in many.

Adult Supporters will pay a base registration fee of $55 and the same ‘user-pays’ system will apply to their sports.

All juniors, aged 17 and under from both Transplant Athlete and Supporter categories will continue to participate free of charge.

‘Register now – pay later’ 

Under the new ‘register now, pay later’ system you can log into the Games website and complete your full registration including sport selection and you won’t pay until August 1, 2016.

The way it will work is that you will enter a credit/debit carddetails at the time of registering, however, the payment won’t be processed until August 1. And, just so you don’t forget about the upcoming payment, we’ll email you a reminder notice on July 15.

For those who choose to register between August 1 to August 26 (closing date of registration) you will be required to make full payment at time of registering.

‘Hospital Challenges’

We are also excited to announce a new hospital competition. Games participants will be able to nominate their transplant hospital during the registration process. A medal tally will be recorded and at the end of the Games, a trophy will be awarded to the hospital which wins the most medals on a per athlete basis.

The aim of this new hospital competition is to create some friendly rivalry between transplant units and encourage members to promote the games among their transplant unit to increase participation.

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