The World Transplant Games.

The world’s largest awareness event celebrating the gift of life. A week where the world unites under the banner of the greatest gift for all. Where national colours meld under the flag of the World Transplant Games Federation. Where recipients, donor families, living donors, family and supporters embrace everything that is good about the world.

And now the Games are coming back down under.

April 15 – 21, 2023 are the dates that Games will descend upon Perth, Western Australia, for a games like no other.

Perth, nestled on the shores of the Indian ocean, is regarded as the world’s most remote state capital city. It is on the West Coast of Australia, some 4,000kms from Sydney and Melbourne.

The locals quite like the remoteness but they also love visitors because there is nothing better than showing off what is a stunning part of the world.

Pristine beaches, ancient rainforests, stunning wildflowers, unique native animals and beautiful vistas.

It all awaits you. Make it your destination. A date to celebrate. A date to treasure.

See you in Perth in 23.


The Sports

No-one could not argue that the sports program delivered at the World Transplant Games in Newcastle in 2019 set a new bar in terms of professionalism and efficiency.

At Transplant Australia we are committed to delivering a sports program that meets this standard while also taking into account the unique aspects of world TRANSPLANT sports. We need to recognise that while the World Transplant Games is the pinnacle of sport in our community there are some nuances that need to be taken into account in the delivery of a sporting program that involves transplant recipients.

The World Transplant Games should cater for high performance athletes as well as those wanting to participate in community sport. And at the same time acknowledging the underlying objectives of promoting organ donation, demonstrating what recipients can achieve and thanking those who made it possible.

For the Perth Games we are pleased to be the first country to conduct a sprint triathlon as part of one of the regular WTGF sports. This promises to be a hugely popular event and will cater for the highly competitive as well as those who wish to take part in a swim, cycle and run event. The swim leg will be 500 metres, followed by a 20km bike ride and then finally a 5k Run.

Our two chosen LOC Sports will be firstly Lawn Bowls (Singles), traditionally a popular event amongst Commonwealth countries and until Thailand in 2007 a permanent sport at the Games. Our other LOC Sport will be 6-a-side football. This was a brilliantly run event in Newcastle in 2019 and we hope to expand on the five countries that participated there.

We are working with VenuesWest to deliver the sports in ‘village-style’ around HBF Stadium and Bendat Basketball Stadium. This means that the following sports will all be within a short distance, mostly by walking: Athletics, Swimming, Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Football and hopefully Petanque.

Other sports including golf and lawn bowls will be just a few minutes bus ride away. Just four sports will be located outside of this area: the 5k run, to be held at Kings park on the opening day, tennis, cycling and triathlon.

Donor Competitions

Donor families and living donors will once again be invited to participate in five special events: 5km road race, 50m freestyle swim, 100m athletic sprint, ball throw and long jump. We will make sure these events are positioned in the schedule to ensure everyone can recognise these competitors for their contribution to our cause.


The sports available will are:

  1. 5km Run.
  2. Cycling
  3. Petanque
  4. Volleyball
  5. Badminton
  6. Table Tennis
  7. Tennis
  8. Squash
  9. Swimming
  10. Athletics
  11. Basketball
  12. Ten Pin Bowling
  13. Golf
  14. Darts
  15. Triathlon
  16. Lawn Bowls (Singles)
  17. Six-a-side Football

Draft Schedule 


Questions and Answers

Q:        Who is hosting the Games?

A:         The Games will be hosted by Transplant Australia which won a competitive bid to host the Games. It has appointed an Executive Committee, led by Julie Edmonds, in Perth to help coordinate the Games.

Q:        Who awarded them?

A:         The Games are owned by the World Transplant Games Federation which met in August 2020 to review Transplant Australia’s bid. A unanimous decision of the trustees awarded the Games to Perth.

Q:        Who is eligible to compete?

A:         Entry is open to all recipients of life supporting allografts and heamopoetic cell transplants from other individuals or species which require or have required the use of immunosuppressive drug therapies.

Competitors must have been transplanted for at least 1 year, with stable graft function, be medically fit and have trained for the events in which they have entered.

If a potential competitor has been transplanted for at least 6 months, with stable graft function, has been training and has permission from his own doctor, his entry may be considered by the WTGF medical committee and be allowed.

Age participation is from 4 years to 80+ years.

Donor Families and Living donors are invited to take part in a select array of sporting events to help recognise their contribution. These include: 5km road race, 50m freestyle swim, 100m athletics sprint, ball throw and long jump.

All competitors must be members of their relevant WTGF country member organisation.

Q:        What dates will be the Games be held?

A:         The Games will be held between Saturday April 15 to Friday April 21, 2023.

Q:        What sports will be on offer?

A:         Athletics, Badminton, 3on3 Basketball, Cycling, Darts, Petanque, 5k Road Race, Sprint Triathlon, Squash, Swimming, Golf, Table Tennis, Tennis, Ten Pin Bowling, Volleyball, 6-a-side football and Lawn Bowls.

Q:        What is the purpose of the Games?

A:         The Games have two objectives – to promote organ donation and encourage more people across the world to register and support donation; and to help recipients improve their health and fitness around their transplanted organ.

Q:        Where have the Games previously been held?

A:         The Games have been held on the continents of Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. This will be the third time the Games have been staged in Australia with previous Games in Sydney in 1997 and the Gold Coast in 2009. They were last staged in Newcastle, England, in 2019. They were due to be held in Houston, Texas, in 2021 but were cancelled because of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Q:        What about the pandemic?

A:         Transplant Australia is confident that by 2023 vaccinations for COVID-19 will have been rolled out throughout the world and international travel and confidence in travelling will have returned. Nevertheless it is taking into consideration all factors related to the pandemic and has built in to the contractual arrangements the option to postpone the Games in the unlikely event the pandemic is still causing problems.

Q:        Who is supporting the Games?

A:         Federal Sport and Commonwealth Organ & Tissue Authority are locked in as well as Tourism WA and WA Health.

Other support will be announced during 2021.

Q:        When will registration open?

A:         Transplant Australia anticipates opening registration for the Games 12 months out in April 2022.



About the WTGF

The WTGF exists to promote organ donation and support transplant recipients around the world. It has more than 70 member countries and is recognized by the International Olympic Committee as a Multi-Sports Organisation. It is also an Associate Member of the Global Association for International Sporting Federations. The current President is Australian Chris Thomas who is also the CEO of Transplant Australia.

About Transplant Australia?

Transplant Australia is the national charity for organ donation and transplantation, is a DonateLife Partner and is recognized by Sport Australia as a National Sporting Organisation with a Disability. It has an active WA State Committee lead by Julie Edmonds.