Transplant Australia QLD

Transplant Australia Queensland committee has members from all areas of Queensland, with members from the far north and as far south as the NSW border. The QLD committee pride themselves on community, and are an inspiration group of people from a variety of ages who come together to celebrate their second chance at life.

TA QLD organises “Come and Try days” which are sporting and recreational activity days, held at various times throughout the year and at different locations to encourage members from all areas to experience new activities and to make new friendships. The QLD committees and members also organise Junior Days to encourage transplant kids to stay active and healthy post transplantation. As well as sport, social activities are a large part of what QLD is about. Social events are held at different locations to cater for members who live outside the Brisbane metropolitan area.

As well as community events Transplant Australia QLD is very proud of the support role we play for those waiting for a transplant. Whether it be in kind support, drumming up support from the local community, financial support or just the support of a mate – we try to be there. Our members volunteer to help out those in need where they can, a service that Transplant Australia QLD is becoming famous for.

We welcome anyone who has an interest in transplantation, whether as a recipient, supporter, living donor, family member of a deceased donor, or industry professional to get involved in our community – the more the merrier!

Local information


Matty Hempstalk 0404 177 748

Upcoming events:

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  • Cycle of Giving for 2018 – join the Transplant Australia QLD Team


Community Awareness Events, Cycle of Giving, Community/School Talks, Golf Days

We partner with Donatelife and do school/community talks to promote Organ and Tissue Donation. Chairman Matty Hempstalk joined Shona McDonald (Donation Specialist Nurse, Donatelife QLD) and Wendy Hastie (Donor Mum) at Kawana Waters State College to talk with the year 12 Health students about Organ and Tissue Donation.

This year we supported the Prince Charles Hospital Foundation in the “Cycle of Giving- Charity Ride” we had 11 members who rode the 25km ride and another 2 members rode the 100km course.

Support, Social Events, Hospital Visits, Support Groups

We run lunches throughout the year to give members a chance to catch up and provide a chance for new members to meet people. Here in Queensland we always help each other out and show our support to all and we regularly visit members who are in hospital. On the last Sunday of each month we meet over coffee and offer support to new recipients or members who may want to have a chat.

Sports, Transplant Games Team, Come and Try Days

We send a team to represent QLD at the Australian Transplant Games, we also assist members financial to attend these games. We also arrange Come and Try days during year this gives members a chance to try new sport or just another opportunity to catch up.

This year we are excited to announce the creation of the Transplant Australia Football Club! Recipients, donors and members waiting for a transplant can join a team and compete against other soccer clubs across Australia. Our aim is to raise awareness by promoting our stories and highlight the positive outcomes of the greatest gift…the Gift of Life!

Fundraising Events, QLD Charity Ball, Indoor Soccer, Tennis Tournament

We hold Charity Ball once year its not only a great excuse to get dressed up and catch up with friends but all the funds raised from the Ball go to support the activities during the year. We also hold an annual Tennis tournament in Yeppoon for recipients and this helps raise awareness of Organ and Tissue Donation. Transplant Australia Queensland also has an Indoor Soccer Team who complete against teams from the PA Hospital, Prince Charles Hospital and the general public.