Fit for Life! is an award-winning initiative which aims to get more transplant recipients more active more often.
Fit for Life! was introduced by the World Transplant Games Federation, proudly supported by Astellas, in 2016 with a long-term goal of improving health outcomes for transplant recipients through moderate, regular physical activity.

The program was developed because studies show that exercise and physical activity is linked to longer survival rates in transplant recipients.

For information on taking part in the next Fit for Life! walk in your state, contact [email protected] or follow us on Facebook.

The Billion Steps Challenge 2020

In 2017, The World Transplant Games Federation held our first Billion Steps Challenge to promote physical activity within the Transplant Community. We had 1570 participants in 241 teams from 33 countries and together we reached 810,850,047 steps. This year, together with our partner Novartis, we invite you back to team up and join our ambitious goal to collectively walk 1 Billion Steps…to the Moon and Back! Covid-19 may have kept many of us apart with restrictions on social interactions and travel, but this challenge allows us to come together as a community, promote organ donation and transplantation and get active, ensuring we remain Fit for Life.

Everything you need to know about The Billion Steps Challenge:

• Challenge runs over 10 weeks from 5th October – 13th December 2020
• Our aim is to reach 1 Billion Steps collectively…
• Create Teams: Each team must have a minimum of 2 people, with a maximum of 5 people
• Teams will nominate a Team Captain (team captains should register first)
• Once you have registered, find and join your team…don’t forget to add a fun team photo!
• We are partnering with MoveSpring – an online fitness platform which allows users to track your steps, your team progress and engage with others
• A link will be provided to direct you to the MoveSpring platform via your mobile device or web browser
We recommend using your mobile device to join so you can use the Friends feature, collect badges and add your own User Created Challenges
Connect your fitness device and sync your steps daily or choose manual entry
All exercise / physical activities count and can be converted to steps with our Converter Guide. This means a cycle, swim or yoga class can all be converted to steps!
Anyone can enter – transplant recipients, living donors, donor families, health professional, friends, families, work colleagues, supporters
Great giveaways up for grabs with our weekly activity challenges
Registration opens on MoveSpring from 18th September 2020. Full promotional details, flyers and information on how to register will be distributed on Friday 18th September 2020

Registration now at  MoveSpring

Let’s get active, Let’s get moving, Let’s get Fit for Life!

App Code: WTGF20

Billion Steps Timeline:

Fri 18th Sep 2020 – Registration for the challenge will open. This will allow everyone to register, start creating their teams, test syncing of their devices and familiarise themselves with the app and its features
Mon 5th October 2020 – CHALLENGE COMMENCES!
Throughout the challenge – a new fun activity will be set every week of the challenge with opportunities for everyone to win a WTGF branded hoodie. All challenges will be announced and promoted through social media and the “in app” communications
Sunday 13 December 2020 – Challenge ends

How to promote The Billion Steps Challenge:

Share the event across your social media platforms: Please ensure you share the flyer and additional marketing materials on your website and other social media platforms
Email your current database: Engage with those already connected to your Organisation and encourage participation
Invite Participants outside of the Transplant Community and raise awareness: Encourage work colleagues, family and friends, your local running and gym club members to join and create teams. Why not challenge each transplant recipient to create their own team.
Challenge other Teams / Organisations / Transplant Units: Create a healthy competition atmosphere and encourage teams to become internal champions of their health and fitness. Perhaps different territories / offices / teams want to challenge each other?

Billion Steps Flyer Aus  


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Fit For Life! Australian & NZ Ambassadors

The Fit for Life! Ambassadors are transplant recipients chosen for their attributes of leadership, community-mindedness and inspirational spirit. They volunteer their time to the program to help transition other recipients from a life of sedentary and protective behaviour, to a full and active life post-transplant.

Ambassadors submit applications and are selected by a panel from the World Transplant Games Federation and Transplant Australia.

The current Australian and New Zealand Fit for Life! Ambassadors are: (Click for bios)

Kate Phillips, heart double lung recipient (AUS)

Matt Field, kidney recipient (NZ)

Peter Champion, liver recipient (AUS)

Monty Summers, bone marrow recipient (AUS)

Jennifer Dicker, liver recipient (AUS)

Linda Petrovski, kidney recipient (AUS)

Photo of Linda by Adam Elwood, courtesy of the Herald Sun.

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