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Welcome to Transplant Australia – the national charity for organ donation and transplantation.

Membership is free.

As the national community voice promoting organ donation and supporting recipients we want to help as many people as we can.

Our offer of free membership extends to anyone on the transplant journey, donor families, living donors and their families, supporters and health care professionals.

In addition, we encourage members to sign up to their relevant state committee to receive local newsletters, event invitations and to represent their team at the Australian Transplant Games or World Transplant Games.

You also have the option of adding a State contribution fee which is  a small two-yearly fee of $60 and helps the states and their volunteer programs. You will then be eligible to compete in the Australian Transplant Games ,World Transplant Games and attend your state activities and events.

As a member you will:

  • help us promote donation to the Australian public
  • Ensure our voice to governments at both state and federal levels is stronger. We need to make sure transplantation remains a high priority for our health care system
  • Celebrate the gift of life through programs such as the Australian Transplant Games, DonateLife Week and other activities at both national and local levels
  • Join us in thanking donors, both living and deceased, and their families for the ultimate gift
  • Have access to a wide support network of people who have gone through similar experiences. We are always just a phone call away.
  • Be joining an important charity whose mission is to ensure organ donation is accepted by all Australians and that all transplant recipients receive help and guidance on their transplant journey.
  • Ability to sign up to receive information on our special interest groups and Clubs like the Living Kidney Donor Program and Transplant Football Club.Get started click one of the buttons below.

We look forward to welcoming you.

New Members
Existing Members

Anti-doping policy

The Transplant Australia anti-doping policy is the Australian National Anti-Doping Policy, effective from 1 January 2021, and found here on the Sport Integrity Australia website. All members participating in Transplant Australia-sanctioned sports events, including the Australian Transplant Games and the World Transplant Games, are bound by these rules.

Social Media Policy in a Nutshell

Transplant Australia Social Media Guidelines Transplant Australia aims to ensure its social media pages, including all affiliated Transplant State and Event pages are safe and supportive places at all times. They aim to bring our community together to celebrate life, thank those who made it happen, and help people on their transplant journey.

Transplant Australia welcomes honest, friendly, and open conversation on our social media page and we reserve the right to remove content or discussion posts in line with these guidelines. Responses will not always be provided as to why posts are deleted. We reserve the right to delete content that;

• Is deemed offensive, abusive, defamatory, objectionable, spamming, inaccurate, false, misleading, misrepresentative or off-topic from the original post,

• damages or diminishes the reputation of Transplant Australia and/or any of its events or programs,

• causes insult, intimidation or humiliation to Transplant Australia members, the organization, sponsors, staff and volunteers.

We do not allow advertising of other businesses, campaigns and/or advocates without prior approval. Please do not share or tag other pages/groups/businesses that are offering the same services as ours and/or do not align to the position of Transplant Australia. We will only allow groups and pages that are run by health or sports professionals or like organisations to be shared following a review to understand the values of those groups or pages.

People who are continually detrimental to others’ enjoyment of this page risk being permanently removed.

As a National Sporting Organisation with a Disability, recognised by the Australian Sports Commission, and as a DonateLife Partner we are obliged to uphold standards expected of us and our members. While we welcome open discussion about organ donation policy we ask members to consider that public criticism of organ donation policy can undermine public confidence in organ donation and the goals of Transplant Australia, and may be removed from this page at our discretion. TA Members are also bound by the Member Protection Policy and Social Media Policy

Thank you all for your support. Let’s be positive and ‘make the most of life’.