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Transplant Australia Queensland committee has members from all areas of Queensland, from the far north and as far south as the NSW border. The QLD committee pride themselves on community, and are an inspirational group of people from a variety of ages who come together to celebrate their second chance at life.

TA QLD organises “Sports Development Days” throughout the year to encourage members to experience new activities and to make new friendships. Social events are held at different locations to cater for members who live outside the Brisbane metropolitan area.

Transplant Australia QLD is proud of the support role we play for those waiting for a transplant. Whether it be in-kind support, drumming up support from the local community, financial support or just the support of a mate – we try to be there. Our members volunteer to help out those in need where they can, a service that Transplant Australia QLD is becoming famous for.

We welcome anyone who has an interest in transplantation, whether as a recipient, supporter, living donor, family member of a deceased donor, or industry professional to get involved in our community – the more the merrier!

Community Awareness Events, Support, Community/School Talks, Hospital Visits

We partner with Donatelife and do school/community talks to promote organ and tissue donation. Here in Queensland we always help each other out and show our support to all, and we regularly visit members who are in hospital.

Welcome to 2023

The TA QLD Committee invite all members, supporters and friends to participate in a variety of events planned for this year. All being well, we will fulfil the calendar of events. Once again, we have attempted to organise the majority of events to occur on the last Sunday of the month.

At all events, we would appreciate your respect for the COVID restrictions and expectations. Walks are usually 3 to 4 kms at a pace suitable for everyone. All are welcome to share a coffee and a chat afterwards.

To read the Transplant Australia COVID event policy click here.



Please note, if you have any suggestions or ideas for events or activities please let us know, either through the Facebook page, Transplant Australia Queensland or email us with ideas at Please spread the word at your clinics and among fellow recipients who may not be aware of what’s available. The more the merrier.

See you all soon.

Local information


Chair – Richard Hayes, 0409 485 688

Secretary – Anne Hayes

Treasurer/Membership – Helen Rizvi

Get Social!