There are many government assistance programs which can support you through the transplant journey.

Patient travel assistance schemes

Travelling long distances for frequent follow-up treatment can be expensive for those who live far away from their treating hospital. Patient travel assistance schemes can support you during this difficult time.

These transport schemes are state-based subsidy programs that provide financial assistance towards travel and accommodation costs. Application forms are available from your transplant doctor or local doctor.

To be eligible, your treatment or tests must be claimable under Medicare, and the distance from your home to the closest medical facility/transplant doctor must meet the criteria stipulated. In some states, you might have to claim in advance.

A few months post-transplant, you might want to travel within the country or go overseas. Remember that transplant medications will lower your immunity level and you will be susceptible to infections. Ensure to take appropriate precautions as you plan your trip.

Click on your state for details of the patient travel assistance schemes.

map australia
PATS – Patient assisted travel
PATS – Patient assisted transport scheme
PATS – Patient assisted transport scheme
VPTAS – Victorian patient travel assistance scheme
IPTAAS – Isolated Patients transport and accommodation assistance scheme
IPTAS – Interstate Patients travel
PTSS – Patient travel subsidy scheme
PTAS – Patient travel assistance scheme


Transplant Australia gratefully acknowledges the contribution of Beena Sewlal, Area Renal Social Worker, Western Renal Service, WSLHD & NBMLH in developing and reviewing this material.