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Diversity Project

In 2013 Transplant Australia launched an Information and Education Campaign to address information gaps, myths and misconceptions about organ donation amongst culturally and linguistically diverse communities. Due to the Project’s immense success it remains an ongoing program run by Transplant Australia.

The Project initially aimed to educate Chinese and Arabic speaking communities in NSW, but has now extended to raise awareness for organ and tissue donation among all of Australia’s Multicultural Communities.

This project is addressing the growing issue of low consent rate to organ donation in these communities. The training of 30 – 50 advocates from multicultural backgrounds has been pivotal in spreading the life-saving message of organ donation to these communities.

The aims of this program are to:

  • To increase registration for donation among these multicultural groups
  • Encourage community members to discuss their donation decision with their families
  • Increase the rate of organ and tissue donation to give more Australians access to the life- saving benefits of transplantation