The following statistics on organ donation in Australia have been compiled from the Australian and New Zealand Organ Donor Registry (ANZOD). For more information, visit

In 2019 there were:

1,600 waiting 

548 Organ Donors 

239 Living Organ Donors 

1,683 transplant recipients

2019 Organ Transplant Procedures:

857 kidney transplants 
308 liver transplants 
113 heart transplants 
40 pancreas transplants 
183 lung transplants 
0 small intestine transplant

At any one time there are 1,600 people on the transplant waiting list. But this is only the tip of the iceberg – there are 12,000 people on dialysis who could benefit from a transplant.

A Decade of Improvements

The Australian Donation rate is currently 21.6 donors per million

The National Donation rate is calculated as ‘donors per million’