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Welcome to iCommit

iCOMMIT is an app that has been designed to support Australian transplant recipients.  It has been developed with input from some of Australia’s leading transplant healthcare professionals and transplant patients, iCommit offers transplant recipients a variety of tools to help you manage your health.

Currently suitable for liver and kidney recipients, the app will be updated to better support heart and lung recipients in the future.

iCOMMIT offers transplant recipients a variety of tools at their fingertips.



iCommit is one of the well-developed tools, which allow patients to keep all of their data and information in one place. This interactive tool can act as a meaningful doctor-patient communication platform, if our patients choose to utilise this during their clinic appointments.

It’s appointment and medication functions allow patients to be as proactive as possible, while they are trying to balance managing and maintaining their health, attending various clinic appointments, whilst also easing back to their normal life.

Calina TingTransplant Clinical Nurse Consultant

“As a mum of two young children there are so many things I need to remember post-transplant, most importantly taking my medication. When you're running around after other people sometimes it's something that can slip your mind.

I've loved using the iCommit app because it has medication reminders which go straight to my phone and also to my Garmin so I've never missed medication. I also love that you can list your medication on there with your dosage because sometimes dosage changes and it's something that it's just easy to remember.

It's just one spot that you can go for all your information.”

Emmy O'NeillKidney transplant recipient

The iCommit app is a perfect pocket guide that can help you:

Keep track of your weight, fluid intake and blood tests and store in the one place.

Set reminders for your medication and appointments.

Access education covering healthy living, post transplant fitness with self care and lifestyle advice.

Be one click away from contact information for your transplant and ongoing care centres.

How to Download the App and Register

Search for iCommit in your
app store, or scan
the QR code.

Tap on Register then enter your details. You will also be asked to verify your account by entering
a code sent to your email or
your mobile.

Add optional Information to personalise the app.

Enter your  Medication details
and create reminders

Share your Contact Details with your hospital (optional).

Frequently Asked Questions

1 – Purpose of the App

What is the purpose of the app?

The App was designed to help you manage your health post-transplantation; store important information in one place and help you with your conversations with healthcare professionals.

What features does the app have?

The iCommit app has a number of features that are designed to offer you support including:

  • Medication and appointment reminders
  • Test result monitoring (including fluid intake, kidney tests, glucose levels, etc.)
  • Education section containing content created by Transplant Australia and healthcare professionals.
  • Key contact information for many transplant and ongoing care centres.

Who has been involved in developing the app?

The app has been developed by Icuna Asia Pacific PTE LTD and Astellas Pharma Australia Pty Ltd. Development of this app would not have been possible without the generous support and information provided by Transplant Australia, the Transplant Nurses’ Association, transplant patients and many transplant specialists from across Australia.

2 – Using the App

Where can I download the app?

You can download the app from the iOS App Store or Google Play store by searching for “iCommit”.  You can also scan the QR code on the front of this user guide and this will take you to the right app store depending on your phone’s operating system.

How do I register to use the app?

Registering for the iCommit app is extremely simple! After opening the app, tap on “Register” and follow each of the steps to add the right information.  We will send you a two-factor authentication code to your registered email, which you will then need to add to the app to confirm that it’s really you.  Registering is a step-by-step process, and once you have filled in the information then you will have created your account and can start using the app.

How to access educational content.

The app links you to information and lifestyle tips that have been developed by Transplant Australia in conjunction with transplant healthcare professionals.  To access the content, tap the light bulb icon in the footer.  Please note this will take you directly to an external website that is not managed by the app developers.

Do I have to add my transplant centre or ongoing care centre?

We would recommend that you add your transplant centre and/or your ongoing care hospital when you register, but it is optional.  You can add your transplant centre either in the registration or later in the application.

How do I add my medication reminders?

To add treatment reminders, tap on My Medications in the dashboard or bell icon in the footer, and then tap “Add” in the top right corner.  To add a medication, you will be given the option to search for either the brand or active ingredient name, and then set timings for when you would like to be reminded.

When you search for a transplant medication (immunosuppressant), there will be an image of that medication to help remind you what the medication looks like.  These images come from a comprehensive database of product images that is maintained by a company called MIMS.  Some medications may not have a product image.  Once you have added a reminder, these will show in the My Reminders section of the app.

Is the app free to use or have in-app paid features?

The app is completely free and there are no paid areas.

Can the app work offline?

No, the app will need to be connected to your wifi or your local network in order to work properly.

Who can I contact with suggestions or feedback about the app?

This app has been designed to support Australian transplant recipients. If you have some suggestions for improvement, please email so we will pass your feedback on to the app developer.

3 – Data & Privacy

Is my data secure?

Yes, your data is extremely secure.

There are several measures that have been taken to keep your data as secure as possible.  Your data is hosted in Australia and that means that all of Australia’s high standards of data protection are enforced.  Access is highly restricted and nobody will be able to access your data except if you request them to (for example to modify or delete data).  Your data is also encrypted, and there is round the clock monitoring of the server to make sure that malicious attacks will not reach your data.

Who can view my data?

Only you can view your data, and health professionals will only be able to view the data if you show them the app.  Your data is stored on secure servers that require your permission to view, and this will only be accessible once you have signed in to your app account.  It is important to say that you are the owner of your data and you have the right to manage your data as you think it best.

Why does the app ask me to consent to share my contact information with my hospital?

Keeping in touch with you is critical to making sure you receive the highest levels of care.  The contact information you provide will be the latest way of contacting you, so this information will be passed on to your transplant team with your express consent to make sure that they have the most up to date information in case of an emergency.

Will third parties be able to process my data?

No, except for a transplant centre receiving your contact information with your consent, no third party will be processing your data.  Aggregated, de-personalised data may be viewed in order to assess the performance of the app, but your data will not be used for purposes such as marketing or developing new products.  Although Astellas Pharma Australia Pty Ltd has sponsored the development of this app, they do not have access to individual information.

Does the app store data on my device?

No, all data that you generate will be saved to a cloud-based server immediately and will not be stored on your mobile device.  Each time you view something like My Reminders or any medical test data, this is a visualisation of that data but it is not stored on your phone.

Who can I contact if I have any questions about my data?

If you have any questions about your data, you can contact the app’s Chief Data Officer at

Can I delete my account?

Yes, you can delete your account at any time in the Settings section or by contacting the app’s Chief Data Officer, whose email address is