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Transplant Australia engages with committed community members, transplant recipients, medical and allied health professionals to represent the needs of our community.


Transplant Australia is the national charity promoting organ donation and helping transplant recipients. We are registered with the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission, a DonateLife Partner and recognised by the Australian Sports Commission as a National Sporting Organisation with a Disability.

Transplant Australia has a National Board of Directors and Committees in all States and the Australian Capital Territory.

Transplant Australia is respected for its work in advocacy concerning organ donation rates and the needs of transplant recipients, staging the Australian Transplant Games and providing programs that improve the physical and mental wellbeing of those on the transplant journey. We also pride our work in giving recipients opportunities to show gratitude towards donors and their families and all those who made transplantation possible.

A new Strategic Plan to commence in 2024 outlines three essential pillars of our work to fulfil our mission:

  1. Advocacy & Story Telling
  2. Active Lifestyles
  3. Community Support & Education

Advisory Groups

Transplant Australia has established four advisory groups to help inform our management team and the Board to fulfil our mission.

  • Advocacy
  • Medical
  • Transplant Sports
  • Community Support & Education

Terms of Reference

Each Advisory Group will work positively with management to help inform, provide recommendations, collaborate and consult on its area of expertise and collaborate across each group when and where necessary. The groups will provide advice to staff in line with the Board-approved Strategic Plan and there is no decision-making capacity within each group. They will play an important role in acting as a conduit with the transplant community and health profession where appropriate.

Each group will be chaired by a either a serving director or senior member of Transplant Australia. This person will work with the respective staff member appointed to support the relevant group. The group chair formally reports through the staff member to the CEO.

Specific advice will be sought in the following areas:


  • Donation & transplantation policy
  • International research and models
  • Advice to government and regulatory authorities
  • Communications and public relations
  • Social change behavioural modelling
  • Funding and partnerships


  • Medical advances in both organ and tissue donation
    and transplantation
  • Research Promotion
  • Advice and speaking to the media
  • Position papers on donation and transplantation matters
  • Working with the education team

Transplant Sports

  • Australian Transplant Games
  • Sporting Pathways
  • Transplant Active
  • Representation on the World Transplant Games Federation
  • Funding and partnerships

Community Support & Education

  • Living with a Transplant program
  • Advice on waiting for a transplant
  • Paediatric resources
  • Mental wellbeing guidance
  • Living kidney donation
  • Back to work advice
  • Inclusive resources


Each advisory group member is expected to:

  • Network, collaborate, offer advice and skills for practical input in formal meetings and on an ad hoc basis where necessary. Meetings will be held online three times a year or as required. Meeting papers will be distributed one week prior to help inform the discussions.
  • Assist in developing accessible, practical and informative resources.
  • On occasions, take responsibility for a specific task or activity to help group fulfil its mission. This may include assisting with the development and implementation of a project as agreed within the group.
  • Help promote Transplant Australia programs and mission.
  • Support and advocate for organ and tissue donation and transplantation.
  • At all times act on behalf of and in the interest of Transplant Australia.


The final decision for selection will made by Chief Executive Officer based on the following criteria:

  • Individuals can submit an Expression of Interest.  Nominations from state committees or relevant references are also welcome.
  • A current member of Transplant Australia (highly preferred – noting that membership is free)
  • Interest in the particular advisory area:
    • Advocacy (public or government relations or social health policy professionals, partnerships)
    • Medical (tx professionals, tx co-ordinators or nurses, donation specialists)
    • Sports (Games, individual or team sports, Transplant Active)
    • Support & Education (recipients, young adults, mental health professional, social worker, allied health)
  • Transplant Australia supports equal opportunity and diverse representation.  Selections will be made with this in mind.
  • Members will be appointed on a two- year term
  • A Board Member of Transplant Australia (or an appropriate equivalent) will chair each group reporting to the CEO

Please note, that these are voluntary positions.

Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest |Code of Conduct 

Advisory group members are to commit to acting in the best interest of Transplant Australia and the wider Transplant Australia community by: regularly attending meetings, participating in discussions, and treating access to information with the strictest confidentiality. They should declare any conflict of interest upfront or during appointed term.

Advisory group members will adhere to Transplant Australia policies which include the Transplant Australia Code of Conduct and Social Media Policy.

Further Information

Please contact:

Expressions of interest are now invited for positions on the Advisory Groups.  Applications close on Monday 27 November 2023.

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