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Transplant Australia values our corporate partners and their contribution to our mission.

We have a range of corporate partnership opportunities – all help to deliver our numerous programs and events. A partnership with Transplant Australia offers your organisation the chance to demonstrate good Corporate Social Responsibility while being aligned with a highly recognised charity. It also enables positive staff engagement and team-building opportunities.

Some key projects that need support include:

> International, ground-breaking opportunity – Transplant Australia’s first ever international football team to the inaugural Transplant Football World Cup in Europe 2019

> Be part of a prestigious 30 year legacy – Australian Transplant Games 2018 on the Gold Coast

> Developing health and fitness pathways for children with a transplant –increasing engagement, confidence and longevity of their transplant

> Transform the future of transplantation technology and science – fund world-class research to improve health outcomes in Australia and around the globe

Find out how your company can get involved

Chris Thomas
02 9922 5400