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Sport and physical activity is important among all Australians, especially transplant recipients. To make sport more accessible to transplant recipients, Tranpslant Australia has undertaken a partnership with Swimming Australia and Athletics Australia to develop a pathway for transplant recipients to competitively participate in swimming and athletics events.

Transplant Australia, the governor of transplant sports in Australia manages the process of verifying applications from transplant recipients to participate in Athletics Australia and Swimming Australia at local, regional and national events.

Transplant recipients, who are eligible to compete in the World Transplant Games (solid organ or bone marrow recipients) will be eligible to compete under the Athletics Australia TF60 Classification and the S16 Multi Class Swimming Competitions run by Swimming Australia.

If you wish to participate in either of these competitions, even at a local level, please have the attached form completed by your transplant physician and returned to Transplant Australia.

Athletics Australia Certification Master List

Athletics Australia Masterlist

Swimming Australia Certification Master List

Swimming Australia Masterlist