Donor families

Transplant Australia welcomes membership and participation of all family members of deceased donors. In recognition of the amazing gift you have given, we would like to offer all donor families honorary membership of Transplant Australia.

Transplant exists to make the most of the second chance that organ and tissue donation gives, and to remember and honor organ donors.

We strive to raise community awareness of the need for organ and tissue donation, and invite family members of deceased donors to be a part of the work we do here at Transplant Australia.

Honoring and remembering organ donors plays a large part in the Australian Transplant Games with family members competing in the supporter events and medal presentation ceremonies. The Donor Family Shield is presented at the Australian Transplant Games Gala Dinner, and donor families and living donors are invited to lead the Games Parade.

We invite all donor families to contribute a patch to our Donor Family Quilt in honour of your loved-one.

In addition, each State branch holds special events in recognition of the gifts of life and sight.

We offer a caring support network of people who have had similar experiences, as well as the chance to meet a wonderful group of people who are all making the most of the second chance that has been given to them.

Living donors

Living donors have donated an organ or bone marrow to another person to help save their life and improve their general health and wellbeing. The Living Donor Branch of Transplant Australia welcomes membership and participation of all living organ and tissue (eg: bone marrow) donors, including people who have given a living gift of life to others and those who are about to do so.

Do you have a question about becoming a living donor? Or would you like some more information on this topic? Phone Julie in the National Office on 02 9922 5400.

Donor family contacts

Laurie and Marguerite Wiseman
+61 2 6291 6641

Matty Hempstalk

Nerida Morellini

Felicity ‘Flick’ Nolan
0417 511 139

Sandra Hampton

Donor family quilt

One of our proudest projects at Transplant Australia is the Donor Family Quilt. The rationale behind a quilt is simple: it allows a number of individual stories to be told while collectively it is a wonderful symbol for the gift of donation in that quilts are seen as warm and embracing.

The Australian Donor Family Quilt honors organ donors from across Australia. Supported by funding from the Organ and Tissue Authority, it invites all donor families, whether they’re involved in Transplant Australia or not, to contribute to what is an ever-growing tribute to the wonderful gift of organ and tissue donation.

The quilts are often on display at State events throughout the year and hold pride of place at the Australian Transplant Games.

The Quilt is an amazing commemorative piece that captures and engages the public where it is on display, telling the story of some of the organ donors who have saved countless lives. Each individual square comes together to form the picture of organ and tissue donation in Australia.

For transplant recipients the Quilt is a way to treasure and remember those who have given them a second chance at life.

Donor Quilt info & contacts

Have the Quilt on display 
The Donor Family Quilt is available to be on display at selected events across Australia. It is a beautiful commemorative piece that tells so many individual stories. For more information please contact Julie Edwards.

Submit a contribution 
If you are interested in creating a patch for our next Donor Family Quilt get in touch with Julie Edwards, Transplant Australia’s Membership Manager