The Quilt

One of our proudest projects at Transplant Australia is the Donor Family Quilt. The rationale behind a quilt is simple: it allows a number of individual stories to be told while collectively it is a wonderful symbol for the gift of donation in that quilts are seen as warm and embracing.

The Quilt is an amazing commemorative piece that captures and engages the public where it is on display, telling the story of some of the wonderful organ and tissue donors who have saved countless lives.

For transplant recipients the Quilt is a way to treasure and remember those who have given them a second chance at life. The Quilt is a beautiful display, with each individual square coming together to form a bigger story – the story of organ and tissue donation in Australia.

Get Involved

Have the Quilt on display 
The Donor Family Quilt is available to be on display at selected events across Australia. It is a beautiful commemorative piece that tells so many individual stories. For more information please contact Julie Edwards.

Submit a contribution 
If you are interested in creating a patch for a new Donor Family Quilt get in touch with Julie Edwards, Transplant Australia’s Membership Manager