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There is no greater gift than giving a kidney to someone on dialysis or approaching dialysis. Receiving a kidney transplant can make a significant difference to someone who is approaching or living on dialysis. Furthermore kidney transplant outcomes are better for those who receive a kidney from a living donor than a deceased donor.

Why? This is because kidney donors are healthy and fit but it is also because the kidney given to the recipient is transplanted within a short time period from donation.

The aim of every kidney transplant unit in Australia is to ensure that the kidney donor is fit, healthy and safe to live with one kidney in the long term. The work up aims to ensure that a donor is fit and able to give a kidney and live with one kidney long term. This work up takes a minimum of 3- 6 months.

Our volunteers

These are individuals who have given a kidney just like you are contemplating. If you wish to meet and discuss with a living kidney donor their experience then contact 1800 827 757  and can put you in contact with our volunteers and they will give you an account of their experience independent of the hospital.


What is it like to give a kidney?