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Participate In Our Transplant Games Survey

By October 9, 2015October 13th, 2015No Comments

Transplant Australia CEO Chris Thomas is looking for members’ views on the World Transplant Games. Read his letter here:

Transplant Australia has been a leader in world transplant sports since the World Transplant Games Federation (WTGF) was established.

As an organisation we have always had strong representation on the Council of the Federation and some of our members have been to 10 or more world transplant games.

The last two world transplant games have seen a significant decrease in Australian attendance from the highs we experienced for the Gold Coast Games in 2009 and the Gothenburg Games in 2011.

As you may know in August this year I was privileged to be elected the voluntary President of the World Transplant Games Federation for the next four years.

This provides all members with an increased opportunity to have their voice heard on the WTGF Council.

I am mindful that the Council needs to govern for all and I can’t promise I can deliver everything. But getting your opinion is a great start and next year we will ask other countries for their opinion too.

I will be able to undertake these dual roles as the Missions of both organisations are identical – to promote organ and tissue donation awareness while helping transplant recipients rehabilitate and participate in exercise and sport.

But I do need your help. I would like to know your opinion on the World Games and its various facets? What interests you? What changes would you like? Why you attend the Games? Just as importantly, why you don’t attend some Games?

Overall my number one imperative is to help deliver a transplant games that is as safe and as well-prepared as the Games on the Gold Coast in 2009. That set a new standard and I am determined to ensure that future games better that benchmark.

I am looking forward to helping this become a reality. I am also planning on asking a few members interested in the World Games to join a small working group to provide advice.

As a team I hope we can make some real improvements to help ensure the world games meets all of our expectations.

I look forward to your suggestions.


Chris Thomas

CEO, Transplant Australia

President, World Transplant Games Federation

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