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The Transplant Australia Team performance at the 2017 World Transplant Games, Málaga

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Sport is about turning up and not giving up, and no one exemplifies this better than the Transplant Australia team who represented the nation at the 21st World Transplant Games in Málaga, Spain.

The kidney, liver, bone-marrow, heart and lung recipients, plus a living donor, competed against over 2,200 athletes from 60 member countries, and came 6th overall in the medal tally with an impressive haul of:

GOLD | 26

Australia’s youngest athlete was 12; the oldest, 73. They came from all over the country to participate in the largest organ donation awareness event on the globe; the equivalent of the Olympics in the transplantation space.


Monday, 26/6/2017

GOLD – Monty Summers, 5km Race

GOLD – Linda Petrovski & Camilla Jenal, Paddle Tennis

GOLD – Glenda Rayment, Petanque

SILVER – Margaret Martin, Petanque

BRONZE – Heather Edgell, Petanque

Monty Summers won gold in the 5km Road Race and 1500m

Tuesday. 27/6/2017

GOLD – Bruce Giles, 5K TT Cycling

SILVER – Tamaryn Stevens, 5K TT Cycling

BRONZE – Suzanne Halbish, 5K TT Cycling

SILVER – John Purdy & John Dawson, Pétanque Doubles

SILVER – Glenda Rayment & Sandra de Lange, Pétanque Doubles

BRONZE – Margaret Martin & Esther Scott, , Pétanque Doubles

BRONZE – Kelly Ashley, Golf

BRONZE – Mario Carpasso, Darts Singles & Darts Triples

BRONZE – Alan McKaskill, Triple Darts

BRONZE – Michael Gohdes, Darts Triples

Wednesday, 28/6/2017

GOLD – Heather Edgell and Esther Scott, Tenpin Doubles

GOLD – Heather Edgell, Tenpin Singles

GOLD – Jennifer Hosking, Table Tennis

GOLD – Tamaryn Stevens, 30km Cycling Race

SILVER – Dave Howard & Steve Arthy, Kayak Shortcourse

SILVER – Bruce Giles, 30km Cycling Race

BRONZE – Matt Spencer, 30km Cycling Race

BRONZE – Matty Hempstalk & Stuart Mcleod, Kayak Shortcourse

Brad Stanley and Transplant Australia CEO Chris Thomas celebrate Brad’s bronze medal on the podium.

Thursday, 29/6/2017

GOLD – Michelle Daley, 50m Backstroke

GOLD – Mary Albrow, 50m Backstroke

GOLD – Mary Albrow, 100 Breaststroke

GOLD – Mary Albrow, 50m Freestyle

GOLD – Mary Albrow, 100m Freestyle

GOLD – Mary Albrow, 100m Breastroke

GOLD – Shaun Carter, 50m Freestyle Donor Race

GOLD – Kate Phillips, 200m Individual Medley

GOLD – Bob Kirkbride, 400m Freestyle

GOLD – Bob Kirkbride, 50m Backstroke

GOLD – Michael White, 200m Individual Medley

SILVER – Lisa Cuthbertson, 200m Freestyle

SILVER – Brad Stanley, Tennis Singles

SILVER – Bryan Rollins, 400m Freestyle

SILVER – Ethan Daws, 200m Freestyle

SILVER – Ethan Daws, 200m Individual Medley

SILVER – Michael White, 200m Freestyle

SILVER – Michael White, 400m Freestyle

SILVER – Michelle Daley, 50m Butterfly

SILVER – Michelle Daley, 50m Freestyle

SILVER – Lisa Cuthbertson, 100m Breaststroke

SILVER – Lisa Cuthbertson, 50m Freestyle

BRONZE – Michael White, 100m Breaststroke

BRONZE – Kate Phillips, 400m Freestyle

BRONZE – Robyn Kirkman, 50m Backstroke

The beautiful Mary “Nan” Albrow won a whopping 5 gold medals in the pool for our country.

Friday, 30/6/2017

GOLD & WR – Michelle Daley, 400m

GOLD – Monty Summers, 1500m

GOLD – Jennifer Hosking, Shot-Put

GOLD – Jennifer Hosking, 100m

GOLD – Chris Tew, Discus

GOLD – Matt Spencer, Ball Throw

SILVER – Jennifer Hosking, 3000m Racewalk

SILVER – Michelle Daley, 100m

SILVER – Monty Summers, 400m

SILVER – Shaun Carter, Long-jump

SILVER – Chris Tew, Shotput

SILVER – Camilla Jenal & Nancy Reynolds, Tennis Doubles

BRONZE – Brad Stanley, 100m

BRONZE – Esther Scott, 3000m Racewalk

Steve Arthy throwing for a bronze.

Saturday 1/7/2017

GOLD – Jennifer Hosking, 200m

SILVER – Claudia Carter, 200m

SILVER – Josh Yates, 5000m Racewalk, Men

SILVER – Monty Summers, 800m

BRONZE – Dave Howard, 800m

BRONZE – Brad Stanley, 200m

BRONZE – Chris Tew, Javelin

BRONZE – Steve Arthy, Javelin

Bob Kirkbride, a gentleman, won 2 gold medals for Australia


There were many special moments throughout the competition.

Josh Yates, a 28-year-old youth mentor from Western Australia, is a bone-marrow recipient who won a silver medal in the 5km Racewalk. The uplifting and positive member of the Australian team, who is vision impaired, let nothing stop him; he also came 5th in the world in the 1500m, and 7th in the 800m, running with a support runner.

Mary ‘Nan’ Albrow, a 72-year-old liver recipient from Dayboro, Queensland, won a staggering 5 gold medals in the pool. Mary had her transplant over 20 years ago, in 1995.

Victorian kidney recipient Tamaryn Stevens came back from a setback on day one of cycling, to win gold on day two in a gritty and brave performance. Her mother and living donor, Amy, and dad John shared the proud moment with their daughter.

Monty Summers, a bone marrow recipient from Queensland, broke a Transplant Games World Record in the 5km Race. Meanwhile, daylight was second to Sydney’s Michelle Daley, a liver recipient, in the 400m, where she also smashed the World Record in her gold-medal-winning run.

The two junior athletes to don the green and gold Claudia Carter and Brad Stanley both came away with their first World Transplant Games medals. Their proud families were cheering them on from the finish lines.

Every athlete who took part was celebrating their second chance by embracing adventure and living life to the fullest. From the pool to the track, to the court and on the field, they are all totally inspirational, and show others that amazing things are possible.

The athletes are alive today because a generous person and family in a hospital somewhere said ‘yes’ to organ and tissue donation.

Please join the Australian Organ Donor Register online today at to let the world know that you too support organ and tissue donation.

The incredible Brooke Huuskes celebrates completing the 5km Road Race

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