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New Appointments to the World Transplant Games Federation Executive Staff

By December 8, 2015No Comments

Media Release

Executive Staff to take the World Transplant Games Forward

The President of the World Transplant Games Federation, Chris Thomas, today announced the appointment of two new executive staff tasked with ensuring the World Transplant Games remains the world’s foremost celebration of the ‘gift of life’.

The Federation recently advertised for an Executive Manager to help increase its resources and capabilities as it takes on new challenges on behalf of the worldwide transplant community.

Mr Thomas said the Federation had a responsibility to its 65 member countries and the worldwide transplant athlete population to ensure the Transplant Games continued to evolve.

“At the same time we need to ensure that every Transplant Games is conducted with the health and safety of athletes and all participants as our number one priority. This new team will help ensure we have the most professional structure behind the Games,” Mr Thomas said.

The Federation’s worldwide search for an Executive Manager resulted in 24 applications from many professionals including some outstanding transplant athlete applications.

Following an exhaustive review process, two positions have been created to help the Federation.

Kim Renyard, General Manager of the highly successful World Transplant Games in Durban in 2013, has been appointed Executive Manager. Ms Renyard is an experienced Event Director and Project Manager and more recently directed the Top Gear Festival in South Africa. She oversaw a team which delivered an outstanding Transplant Games in Durban from all aspects including sports, health and safety, transport and promotion.

Gary Green, currently the Federation Secretary on the Executive, has been appointed Sports Manager. Mr Green has volunteered his services to the Federation for more than 25 years and offers knowledge, understanding and professional acumen. Gary will commence in a part-time role as Sports Manager to oversee the sports at the next World Transplant Games in Malaga, Spain. He will be stepping down from the Executive to take on this paid position.

Mr Thomas said the Federation also recognised that it needed to assist member countries with providing more programs to help transplant recipients rehabilitate through sport and physical activity. Mr Green would lead a program to help ‘grow the base of the pyramid in order to attract more people to the pinnacle of world transplant sports – the World Transplant Games’.

Mr Thomas said that when staging an international event such as the Transplant Games the best resource mix was a combination of enthusiastic and dedicated people on the ground helped by professional and experienced staff from the Federation.

“The appointment of Ms Renyard and Mr Green places the Federation in a unique position to be able to grow the Games and ensure they are conducted in the most professional manner possible,” Mr Thomas said.

“It will also enable us to expand the role of the Federation in meeting the needs of transplant recipients worldwide while also promoting the need for more people to
consider organ donation. It really is the greatest gift of all.”

Mr Thomas acknowledged the important role the Federation’s Administrator Coordinator, Karen Cole, was undertaking in running the Federation’s small office in England.

“I am pleased to truly say that with Ms Renyard, Mr Green and Ms Cole, we have a formidable staff resource. We have a new Council with fresh ideas and a new way of collaboration. It is exciting times ahead for the World Transplant Games Federation.

“Finally I would like to thank the selection panel who assisted in our deliberations and all those who submitted an application. Many applicants have put aside their disappointment and mentioned to me personally that they would still like to help grow the Federation in whatever capacity. That shows the calibre of people associated with the transplant community. Selfless and giving.”

Both Ms Renyard and Mr Green will commence their roles this month.

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