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ATAGI/ASCIA advice on the 4th booster dose for dialysis and transplant patients

By January 4, 2022One Comment

On the 24th December 2021 ATAGI recommends the following advice:

People aged 18 years and over with severe immunocompromise who have received 3 doses of
a COVID-19 vaccine are recommended to receive a booster (i.e. 4th dose) at 4 months, in line
with the timing for the general population. This is expected to improve protection against
symptomatic infection, serious illness or death from COVID-19 caused by the Omicron variant.

If you are unsure please speak with your healthcare team.

You can read the full statement here 

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  • Heather Nicholls says:

    Thank you Matty, for posting on ATAGI/ ASCIA advice re 4th Booster Dose. Grateful for the Research work undertaken in this particular area. In the meantime, we wait in our pools of self-imposed pools of isolation, well below the passage from the melting glacier. We are in mid January 2022, like floating leaves, spinning in the cascade and whorl of COVID information looking for a solid bank to rest and gather our thoughts. We embrace the raft of togetherness in the maelstrom, anticipating the next descent of rapids,Purring Cat Rates (PCR) and RATs just out of grasp, masked and vaxxed, calculating risk, distance and supply on this 3 year long journey not of our making. While still having access to our vital meds and ever wearying support teams we’ve reached a phase of treading water while the peak tide passes. We are not forgotten. Nor will we forget those who have drifted and gone to calmer places in the willow’s shade.

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