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Living non related kidney donation: Wife to husband

My life has certainly been enriched since giving my husband, Mark, one of my kidneys. Certainly the joy of seeing Mark so well and fully participating in his life has inspired me to tell as many people I can, to consider live donation. Having been through the experience, I would do it again and again if I only had more kidneys to share.

Personally, giving a kidney has not changed my life, energy levels or my health. The only evidence that I have one kidney is the scar that I now have. I have felt exactly the same pre and post operation. In the last 4 years I have participated in two ‘City to Surf’ runs and the ‘Seven Bridges’ walk. I love to walk and run on a regular basis. I work full time and lead a very active social life.

I am so blessed that I have been given the opportunity to have made such a positive impact on someone’s life.