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Mike’s story: The Older Donor

Living kidney donor Mike is passionate about organ and tissue donation and has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to get the Living Kidney Donor Program (LKDP) up and running.

Mike donated over 10 years ago to his wife Liz. He was initially deemed a borderline kidney donor by the doctors based on his age (over 65+ years) and his previous health issues. Determined to donate he went throught numerous tests and counselling. He was finally deemed a suitable donor in 2005 and was one of the last living kidney donors at Royal North Shore to undergo open surgery. (These days key hole surgery is more common). He and his wife have enjoyed over 10 years of freedom from the restraints of dialysis that his wife endured prior to his donation. His remaining kidney serves him well and he comes for annual review to see his caring kidney specialist.


Mike has been a strong supporter of living kidney donation over the last 10+ years. Starting in June 2014, Mike followed the path to having the LKDP registered as an Incorporated Association under NSW law. Organising all the necessary formalities, including the LKDP Constitution, Mike’s dogged pursuit and never ending enthusiasm result in the association being formally registered on 11 August 2014.

Having achieved this, Mike moved to the next hurdle – registering the LKDP as a charity by the Australian Taxation Office so that donations to the LKDP would be tax deductible. Once again Mike’s persistence paid off and in July 2015 the LKDP was given charitable status as from 11 August 2014.

Having achieved these goals the LKDP has moved on to the next phase, however the aims remain the same:

• To provide a network for kidney dodors and their recipients;

• To promote awareness of living kidney donation; and

• To fundraise to help kidney donors with expenses incurred and to improve the donor experience.

From all the kidney donors, recipients and the staff of Royal North Shore’s Renal team, we thank Mike for his relentless hard work.

If you wish to contact Mike to discuss the workup of the older living kidney donor and the implications to him in the long term, he can be contacted through the LKDP details listed.