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MEDIA RELEASE – Organ Donation Rates for 2021

By February 17, 2022No Comments

Transplant Australia today expressed its gratitude to the nation’s DonateLife and
transplantation staff for their dedication in 2021 in sustaining organ donation and
life-saving transplantation.

Transplant Australia CEO, Chris Thomas, reflected on the release of the 2021
Australian Donation and Transplantation Activity Report which showed a nine per cent
decrease in donation rates during another difficult year.

“After a decade of solid growth in donation and transplantation in Australia it is
naturally concerning to all those waiting for a transplant to see overall rates decline
for the second year in a row,” Mr Thomas said.
“Transplant Australia will of course continue to advocate for the 1,850 Australians on
these waiting lists.

“However, Australia’s experience in donation has been repeated throughout the
world and it is clear the pandemic has significantly impacted our hospital systems.
There’s been extra pressures on intensive care units, and hospital visitor restrictions
have impacted conversations about donation. Transplant units have also needed to
weigh up risks relating to transplantation and COVID. On top of this, logistics such as
a decrease in domestic flights and border restrictions have made it extremely
challenging for all DonateLife and transplant unit staff.

“Most importantly, we should thank the 421 donors and their families for providing
life-saving transplants for 1,174 patients. They have made a world of difference. Just
as importantly, we should thank Donatelife staff, the Organ and Tissue Authority and
transplant staff for their continued dedication. It is plain to see the struggles all
frontline hospital staff have endured during this pandemic.”

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