Gold Coast to host 2018 Games

Australia’s favourite holiday destination the Gold Coast will stage the 17th Australian Transplant Games in 2018!

That’s right – home of the 2002 Australian Transplant Games and host to 2,322 people from all over the world for the 17th World Transplant Games, Queensland’s ultimate playground is once again hosting transplant sports.

The Transplant Games are a fantastic celebration of the gift of life that transplantation is and are centred around saying thanks for organ donation and promoting transplantation to Australia and the World.

While we have some elite athletes that attend the Games, they are by no means an elite sporting competition. The Games are about participation – getting involved and having a go! Equally as important; they are a chance to meet new people and be a part of the transplant community.
So why not come and enjoy the sun, surf, beaches, theme parks, superb sporting and social facilities the Gold Coast has to offer.

2018 promises to be a big year for the stunning Aussie city. The Commonwealth Games will be held in April, and then the year will be rounded off with the Australian Transplant Games from September 30 to October 6.

With the new schedule, we can now offer the truly the most affordable games for both families and individuals but also cater for those who enjoy the week-long experience.

Ultimately, these Games serve to highlight the enormously positive effects of organ transplant and donation, and will help the recipients achieve their optimum health goals. Transplant Australia hopes that all Australians see the gift that is organ and tissue donation and register their donation decision and sign on to save a life.

Who can participate?

Recipients of solid organs, tissue and corneas are all eligible to participate.

Donor families, living donors, supporters can participate in some events.

The next Games

Welcome back to the Gold Coast!

On behalf of the Transplant Australia Sports Committee I am pleased to extend an invitation for everyone to come back to the Gold Coast, Queensland, for another brilliant Australian Transplant Games.

The Gold Coast is Australia’s No 1 tourism destination and in 2018 in promises to be even more exciting with the Commonwealth Games being held there in April. This is the third time the Gold Coast has hosted a transplant games and many of us have great memories of the Australian Games in 2002 and the World Games in 2009.

Our thanks to the Qld Government and the City of the Gold Coast for their ensuring support for our cause. Thanks also to the Organ & Tissue Authority as our Major Sponsor.

We are also pleased to introduce a new schedule into these games – one which caters for all athletes and supporters but makes it even more affordable and attractive to families.

The Sports Committee has endorsed this new schedule and we will be monitoring its uptake and acceptance to see if it can be the basis for future games schedules.

Reading through the schedule all participants we will have two options:

  • To arrive on the Sunday as usual and participate in all the activities like any previous games. This will be a 7 Day registration package.
  • To arrive on the Wednesday morning and participate in the activities from Wednesday through to Saturday. This option has been introduced to cater for families who had given us feedback about the cost of the games over a full week. This will be a 4 Day registration package.

The sports schedule has been adjusted to reflect this change with the sports attractive to children and those who are perhaps more time poor packed into the second half of the week. But it still gives many of us who love the full week the same experience as previous games.

The user pays option introduced at the last Games will continue to ensure the games cost are fair to all

Please book September 30-October 6, 2018 in your diary now. We look forward to seeing you.

Mick Kennedy

Chair, Sports Committee,

Transplant Australia

The History of the Games

The Australian Transplant Games were first held over three days in Melbourne in 1988 with 150 recipient competitors competing in Tennis, Golf, Table Tennis, Lawn Bowls and for children, Quoits.

Thereafter, the Australian Transplant Games have been held every two years in different cities in different states or territories of Australia. The Games now last for an entire week and cover a multitude of sports and activities.