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Tonic Health Media promotes organ donation to 2 million Aussies

By September 27, 2018August 21st, 2019No Comments

Transplant Australia is thrilled to announce that Tonic Health Media, Australia’s leading health and wellbeing media network, has joined the group of valued partners and sponsors who are supporting the 2018 Australian Transplant Games.

Thanks to Tonic Health Media’s expertise and support, the Australian Transplant Games call-to-action inspiring more Australians to join the Organ Donor Register, is set to reach over 2 million people on screens in doctors’ waiting rooms across the country.

Tonic Health Media CEO Dr. Matthew Cullen said the organisation is proud to be supporting Transplant Australia in continuing to improve organ and tissue donation outcomes in Australia.

“Keeping organ and tissue donation front of mind, such as Tonic promoting the Australian Transplant Games in healthcare environments, will spark Australians to have important conversations and eventuate in many lives being improved and saved,” Dr Cullen said.

“These conversations will not only lead to people making decisions now about registering, but also provide families with peace of mind knowing what their loved one’s intentions were in relation to organ and tissue donation,” Dr Cullen added.

Tonic Health Media’s place-based media and digital assets are positioned in trusted, contextually-relevant environments such as GP waiting rooms throughout Australia. Tonic provides government, not-for-profits and advertisers with an opportunity to reach a large and highly engaged healthcare audience.

Transplant Australia CEO Chris Thomas thanked Tonic Health Media for their commitment to saving lives by promoting the need for more registered organ donors. “The Australian Transplant Games exist to demonstrate the transformative health benefits of organ and tissue donation to the public.

“By sharing the campaign of the Games, the important message that more lives can be saved if more people decided to become organ and tissue donors will spread to the Australian community,” Mr Thomas said.

“Transplant Australia is grateful to have the support of Tonic Health Media, and commends the organisation for working to ensure that all those who need a life-saving transplant one day have access to one.”

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