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Living related kidney donation: Sister to Brother

When my brother, Tonnie, told me that his kidneys are not functioning well and going to have dialysis, I was so naïve. I thought that the hospital would have a stock of kidneys available for transplantation. I remember saying to Tonnie, “Why don’t you go to hospital and change them?” and Tonnie replied it was not that simple.

After a lot of thoughts and prayers, I decided to donate one of my kidneys to my brother. I began the workup process but unfortunately during the medical workup, Tonnie became unwell and was unable to bypass dialysis. It was not until two years into dialysis that he was finally he deemed fit for the operation. Therefore in August 2015 I gave my kidney to Tonnie and both of us recovered well.

After the operation, I felt joy ,just like a mother with her newborn. It made me very happy to see my brother back to his normal life, that kind of happiness and satisfaction feeling I cannot express by writing or speech. I was lucky as I didn’t feel much pain after the operation and it only took me 2 months back to my normal life. I joined the gym and Zumba dance subsequently with no complications.

Spiritually and psychologically I feel happier than before as I have given new life to another. I also feel healthier than before as now I pay more attention to my diet. I stick to a low salt, low sugar and low fat diet and feel the benefits. As a spiritual person I thank God for the opportunity to show my love to my brother and his family. I am also delighted to be involved in the living kidney donor support group. Through this group by promoting the benefits of living kidney donation and supporting those who are going through the workup and donation we are able to demonstrate how an act of love and generosity is a priceless gift to someone whose life is in desperate need for change.